I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of

this Earth. - Lou Gehrig | July 4, 1939


In the summer of 1941 Joe DiMaggio hit in a record 56 consecutive games.During his hit streak his best friend Lou Gehrig died. Eleanor Gehrig kept the team informed of Lou’s condition and asked them to come see Lou for the last time.Joe and some of the other Yankees went to see Lou this was when Joe was about a third of the way to setting the record.A lot of people at that point thought Joe might set the record,and if he did he wanted Lou to be a part of it.He lifted Lou’s hand and put a green ink pen in it and a cue card underneath it.he then signed Lou’s name on the cue card.This is Lou’s last signature his dying signature.Lou died a week later,and America and Joe went off to war.When Joe returned from the war in 1946 he saw a page that reminded him of Lou.He signed his signature on one side of the page above his record hit streak then turned the page and transferred Lou’s signature to the other side which is about Lou Gehrig.This is known as the hit streak document or The priceless holy grail of all sports collectibles. I remember going to an exhibit mid 1960’s and seeing this document and being told the story.It was a outside exhibit and a man held the document up to the sun and l saw Lou’s signature.The exhibit was a Yankees world series exhibit featuring Lou Gehrig’s dying signature and Babe Ruth’s last will and testament.Anyone who attended this exhibit contact us.It was held in New York or New Jersey.We had the Worlds Fair 1964-1965,The Yankees had been to the World Series 9 out of 10 years 1955-1964 only missing the series in 1959,and Lou Gehrig death was 25 years old 1966. This is about the time I saw the hit streak document.

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Chris Ingstrup had 10000 newspapers,hundreds signed by former players during historic moments in their playing days.He would have his guests at shows sign these newspapers about 90% New York ballplayers from 1920s till 2010.Hundreds of framed pieces thousands of autographs,thousands of photographs,and a lot of solid memorabilia given to him by players.

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